Antarctic Games is a small Independent game studio based in Invercargill, New Zealand.

We work full time jobs and program in our spare time.

Our first game, 30 Minutes to Extinction, using the UE4 engine, is looking to be released to early access late 2018.

UE4 Marketplace Assets:

Our assets Are avaliable on the UE4 Marketplace Here:


YouTube Video Playlist:

The keys for the demo are as follows:

Forward: W

Back: S

Left: A

Right: D

Fire: Left mouse button

Show skill HUD: F

If you are migrating to and existing 4.18 project, you need to go to project/plugins and enable the built in Apex Destruction plugin, or the barrel mesh won’t copy over as 4.18 has removed destructible meshes to a plugin.

NPC Dialogue System Videos:

Component Journal Videos:


30 Minutes to Extinction

Steam Store Page:



30 minutes to Extinction is a fast paced third person shooter, where you fight against the clock to save mankind from a relentless foe!

Powered by unreal engine, 30MtE offers stunning visuals and frantic fun game play!



Today we put together a small working demo, a few people will be able to upload and test it tomorrow evening, and tell us what needs fixing!! -Mike


Today we finally got our logo designed, and our website up and running! Over the next few weeks expect more updates, and a more polished site with lots of information about our upcoming title! -Mike.